Saturday, August 25, 2012

First game since high school...


Truth be told, this was a first attempt with the 6E rules and I'm sure we did some stuff wrong but the victory was still resoundingly in favor of the Dark Angels.

I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to my opponent's force list so I didn't know if he had any area effect weapons.  SO... I spread out my force as best I could to minimize how many could be hit.  In a 500 point game I had two 10 man tactical squads and a Dark Angel Company Commander.  I had to deploy first and this is what it looked like.

My "Bolter Wall"

Rather than field a vehicle my squads were equipped with a missile launcher and flamer in one squad and a plasma cannon and melta gun in the other.  I wisely figured the plasma cannon would be my greatest asset and so attached my Company Commander to that squad.  I equipped my Company Commander with a Power Sword and a Plasma Pistol.  Little would I know how lucky I'd be that I'd chosen to upgrade his close combat weaponry.

In turn one I moved first.  Unfortunately I was out of range at the end of my move but my Chaos Space Marine opponent managed to pick off one of my marines.  I'd have loved to use my plasma cannon and missile launcher but they had moved that round.

In round two I essentially won the game... I just didn't know it yet.  My opponent had two squads of chaos space marines but they were outside of the range to support each other while I kept mine relatively close together... ideally to create a "bolter wall" if the game came into 12" range.  He also had a unit of raptors and a Aspiring Champion as his HQ but all he did to upgrade him was to give the Champion wings so he could join up with the Raptors.  His lack of upgraded close combat weaponry would be his undoing.
See the CSM's to the left... they are about to go BOOM!
 One thing I love about 6E is that movement is again based on the model, not the unit.  My units moved forward but created a coherency "chain" so that the missile launcher and plasma cannon stayed still and fired.  Both hit true (missile launcher hit on the nose and the plasma cannon didn't deviate enough to counteract the marine's BS.  Those two shots wiped out one of the Chaos Space Marine squads before it could do anything meaningful in the game.

The Raptors and Chaos Champion jumped in and initially seemed to do well but they attacked the squad with the Company Commander.  His 4 attacks and improved close combat weapons made a HUGE difference.  Also, there were only 5 Raptors and the Champion against my 10 man Tactical Squad and Company Commander.  It was too much for the Chaos forces to handle... in two rounds the Company Commander wiped out the remaining Raptors and the Champion with 3 hits from weapons that were too powerful to be saved against.
Raptors jump into action and...

are soundly beaten... who says Tactical's can't hold their own in close combat?

With only one Chaos Marine Squad left my opponent conceded defeat.  I still had both my missile launcher and plasma cannon... both of which had superior range to anything he had.  I declared my intent to stay at range and pummel the building his troops were hiding in.  If he tried to get into bolter range he'd walk into my own bolters as well.  Check-MATE!

Chaos traitors holed up with nowhere to go... let the plasma bombardment begin!
I had an absolute blast!!!  Can't wait for the next game.

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  1. The finished Dark Angels really pop. Can't wait to see their companions when they are done. Side note-you could have snap fired the missle launcher if you would have fired a krak missle (no template)-you would have had to hit on a six but if you need to move forward the option is at least there for you. Beyond that-good game.